Rarest of Rare

I have been e-mailed from around the world about this page, telling me about "Finch" "Yenko" and even some prototype models, these are "standard production models" produced by CHEVROLET.I would also like to say I was reminded, but I have to say Informed (I did'nt know) by Joel of Western Canada Corsa, that the Rarest Corvair is the Canadian built 1962 700 Lakewood with a production number of 68. Thanks Joel.

Although many models of the Corvair were produced in the ten years, some of these models have become quite rare due to the small production numbers. This does not mean that some are not worth saving, even the 4/door models that were for years stripped for parts are now becoming increasingly rare, as well as the 500's.

Keep in mind some states titled new cars for the year it was sold.
Remember the Spyder was a "option" until 1964 when it became a model of it's own. 1964 was the last year for the Spyder, replaced by the Corsa in 1965 with an optional 180 H.P. compared to 150 H.P. of the Spyder. I think the Spyder Convt. and the Corsa convt. are the most sought after, as well as the 69 convertibles.

  Starting with the "EARLY" 1960 - 1964

To start with the first Corvair hit the market in 1959. Like always the car was a 1960. Some states title a car for the year it was sold, so if you see a 1959 Corvair it is a 1960 sold in 1959.Of all the Corvairs the 1961 Loadside is the rarest with only 369 produced.

The RAREST of them all!*
American Production*
  1969 MONZA Convertible

"Late model"

This body style was introduced in 1965

The last year of production

The Monza Conv. shown is one of 521 produced.

A national registery keeps track of all the 69 convts.(well almost all)

While the Rampside was produced from 1961 through 1964
1964 saw only 851 produced

1962 Lakewood
Model 735
3,716 produced